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Let me start by thanking my friend, John Veach, for getting me back into my passion for pigs.

In 2010 John reached out to Steve Cobb on my behalf and Steve allowed me to purchase 2 foundation females that are still the backbone of our operation today.

After we got our crossbred herd underway, I contacted Chuck Olson and purchased our Yorkshire foundation females. The combination of our Cobb/Olson bred sows have produced many years of banners and success for our family and friends . We at RBT Showpigs would like others to enjoy the same success in the showring.

Cross - York - Duroc - Spots - Hamps - Open Gilts

Our Breeding Ladies


Breed: Crossbred
Date Born: 1/24/2009
Sire: Silver Bullet
Dam: 77-3X – Sire of Dam: Modern Marvel

This gilt is are one you can build around for years to come! Even 10 years from now, we will be talking about the influence of females like this! This gilt has incredible bone work, and balances super well! She is stout and square and still has great show appeal about her! We will be excited about having her early January babies out of Super Monster to market in March. Those dark blues and belted ones could be really Special!!!!


Breed: Crossbred
Date Born: 1/5/2009
Sire: I AM Legend
Dam: 58-14
Sire of Dam: Lawyer

This I Am Legend daughter has an absolute flawless skeleton! They just don’t come with any better feet and legs, joints, and flexibility than this one. She has a power pedigree, yet is still this well designed and correct! We think her Lawyer mother is one that you want to build around! This gilt is tremendous in lots of areas. She has an incredible hip and rear leg. The angle at her hock is perfect and her tail set and rump design is exactly what you want.

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Our state of the art semen laboratory.
Our state of the art semen laboratory.